Growth capital for innovative businesses


Across multiple sectors and multiple stages of a business – from seed and early to growth stages, we partner with businesses seeking to make a difference on a world stage.

  • We are committed as a team to being a high quality provider of growth capital.
  • We seek to commit patient, relationship-oriented financing to businesses seeking capital and look to build long term value by partnering with disciplined management teams with growth-oriented strategies.
  • We do not participate in day to day management of our partner companies but serve as a valuable resource on strategic, operational and financial issues facing management.
  • We provide our partner companies with access to our network of relationships, insights and experience through our management company The GWB Group, enabling partner companies to leverage our strong reputation and knowledge in Middle East and Africa.

With every transaction opportunity, we are committed to providing timely and direct feedback to capital requests, maintaining an open process and offering flexibility in our financing solutions.