4 Ways To Fast Track To A Better Job

The UAE is a global market with a wide range of opportunities for entry-level jobseekers, juniors and senior-level executives. Professionals around the globe consider Dubai to be a dream destination to secure a job, to boost their experience and enhance their financial and career goals.

Many people are aware of the major competition for those seeking new jobs in the region, or for those looking to progress to a better role within their current employer. With a combination of local and multi-national businesses in the UAE and a mix between small, medium and big enterprises, each company has its own policy, structure and discipline, offering unique challenges in trying to attain a new role or seek promotion.

Here are four suggestions on how to get on the fast-track to the top:

Be self-motivated

Most companies want candidates who can get up to speed quickly with the role and ensure they are making an impact within a short period of time. Candidates should be proactive, know their own personal objectives and business goals, and manage their time effectively, to ensure quality and timely delivery of all work.

Be an entrepreneur at your job

An entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who runs their own business, they can also be someone who thinks like an entrepreneur as part of a company, treating the business as their own and displaying passion and effort to grow the company.

Take initiative, be a strategic thinker, work hard and secure new opportunities for the employer, even if it’s not part of the job description. The employer is an employee’s source of stability, so be an entrepreneur and add value by supporting the business.

Take intensive courses to develop relevant job skills

Training programs are a great idea for job seekers or people looking to upgrade their job profile, but it’s very important to register in specific courses that address areas of weakness or develop new skills that can be applied in the workplace. Take the first step and register in some courses that can boost digital knowledge, management skills or how to deal with job challenges with a positive attitude.

Internal communication and problem solving

Teamwork and communication between departments are key to the success of both employees and the business itself. Employees can be some of the best advocates for a company and when each part of the business knows what it is doing and can communicate that effectively to other stakeholders, it can create a great impression to prospective customers.

As an employee, take steps to inform the wider team about successes and achievements and suggest solutions to challenges that the business may be facing. By being seen as a problem solver, you can elevate your position amongst the company’s leaders and key stakeholders.

Ajay Malhotra is CEO of NADIA Global.

4 Ways To Fast Track To A Better Job

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