UAE Leads in Women Empowerment

UAE Leads Region in Providing Young Women With Career Development opportunities. NADIA Global tops up their UAE training programs to empower women to change the world reports Asian Lite News.

NADIA Global, The Gulf’s #1 Recruiter and Training Institutes, announced the enhancement of its existing training programs to provide relevant courses to respond to demand from women.

The high standards of NADIA Global’s training enables women to learn how to better balance their personal and business life in addition to empowering the female population of UAE.

According to a NADIA Global report, demand from female job seekers in UAE is coming from women in their twenties and early thirties and the most popular sectors for job applications include banking, commerce, logistics, hospitality, retail and healthcare. Emirati women are more interested in applying for governmental jobs.

Additionally, the report stated that 35 percent of job seekers are from the Philippines, with an equal proportion from India, whereas 20 percent of female job seekers are from Arab nationalities and 10 percent from other nationalities.

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